Saturday, February 18

birthday poem

33 today

jesus christ!


Blogger Sonya said...

haha :)
Happy Birthday by the way!

p.s) And oh, u pee a lot in your poems :D but they're nice nonetheless.

6:38 PM

Blogger Arroclint said...

simple, yet hilarious...

1:22 PM

Blogger aardvark said...

It is funny that my shortest poem has the most comments. Must now start work on a one-word poem immediately.

9:10 AM

Blogger aardvark said...

I pee quite a lot in real life.

9:12 AM

Blogger John Self said...

Even worse, once you enter your thirties, you start getting up during the night to pee too. Or I do anyway...

6:55 PM

Anonymous poppy said...

Ι was to discover that after 35 i'd become exemplary to one-word poem for that exact date:


12:22 AM


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