Tuesday, October 28

first view of the wind farm

a revolution
of colossal white ghosts
marking their own time

Tuesday, August 26

haiku 2008 three

she's been eating crisps,
I can taste them on her lips.
Ready Salted love.

Friday, April 25

haiku 2008 two

all I have to show
for a whole day at the desk
one fucking haiku

haiku 2008 one

eighty miles per hour.
butterflies hit the windscreen
with weightless fireworks

Saturday, November 10

haiku, after her: fourteen

so this is goodbye
and for the very last time
I say ‘I love you’

haiku, after her: thirteen

and so I wonder,
will she smile when she reads these
in the years to come?

haiku, after her: twelve

losing her today
sparks off dozens of haiku.
the muse’s last dance.

haiku, after her: eleven

collecting my things
filling her house with tears.
me. evaporating.

haiku, after her: ten

in a box somewhere
there is the ring I gave her.
wedding in Stockholm.

haiku, after her: nine

I have been talking
to her, in my head, for years.
now, I guess – silence.

haiku, after her: eight

a thought comes to mind.
looking back fifty years on
a tear? or a smile?

haiku, after her: seven

this thing could have worked.
it could have been forever.
blame chronology.

haiku, after her: six

I reach for the phone,
there is news to tell her.
then, I remember.

haiku, after her: five

after all of this
a boxful of memories
is all that remains

haiku, after her: four

the morning after.
the silence is deafening
and is here to stay.

haiku, after her: three

a glance at the phone
there will be no messages
ending with an ‘X’

haiku, after her: two

(her final email)

sent the night before,
arrives the morning after.
for a second – hope.

haiku, after her: one

(the last time I saw her)

a kiss at the door
sleepy from the night before.
we are just shadows.

Tuesday, August 21

Transformers In Love

you and me
we are Transformers in love

you are a rocket
and me, I’m a boat

tomorrow you’re an aircraft carrier
tomorrow I’m a plane

why can’t we ever be
the same thing on the same day?

Monday, August 20

a love poem involving flowers

this picture
was taken
while you were still young
and we were still in love
the flowers
in that garden
are blurred
and out of focus
a cloud of green and red
but i know they are there
i remember how they looked
how they felt between my toes
and you
you are sharp
as if i had drawn you with my own hand
the way i undressed you
the summer sun
did something to your skin
you were glowing like buttercups
and smelt of fresh fruit
this picture
was taken
some years ago
i don't know when

Sunday, August 19

saturday night ten pm

she must have

Saturday, July 21

christmas poem fourteen

I fell in love
with her
327 times today

she laughs
in another room

finding her
on my skin

the look
she will give me
in exactly
one second

Thursday, June 21


I prick the skin
with cocktail sticks
to see how thin
this love really is

we burst
and fly around the room
at great speed
flatulating wildy

Wednesday, June 7

haiku 2006 ten

it was the day that
I caught her eating Marmite
I knew we were doomed

untitled fairy poem

‘don’t point
your finger’
my father

used to say
‘you’ll poke
holes in the air
and the fairies
will trip over them’

at night
in the warm
secrecy of my room
i would stab
in the darkness

laying traps
for the little

and in the morning
my floor
would be
and fossiled

with fragments
of wing

and stolen teeth

Saturday, May 13

haiku 2006 nine

she crawls on all fours
I masturbate behind her
soon, wet snow will fall

haiku 2006 seven

another cold day
I'm making whirlpools with spoons
in cups of hot tea

haiku 2006 six

fractured like ice cubes
re-enacting Titanic
in warm Summer squash

Sunday, April 9

christmas poem eleven

her breath
forms clouds
on a winter

behind her back
i capture them
to dissolve
in my tea


in her sleep
she toblerones
the sheets into alps
and himalayas

as i undress
and climb in beside her
i am goosefleshed
and breathless
from the air
at this altitude

and for brief seconds
i know how
hilary and hannibal
must have felt


skin so pale
she becomes
the cartographer's canvas

she has veins
and arteries like
everyone else

but hers

have been twisted
by map-maker's hands


the B504
the M25

her flesh is full
of passengers
and magic trees

haiku 2006 three

I cannot walk past
without touching her bare skin
to recharge myself

Wednesday, March 29

the end of the affair

her packed bags
by the front door


Saturday, February 18

birthday poem

33 today

jesus christ!

haiku 2005 two

finished The Magus
and now I doubt everything
you have ever said


her debris
is silent

and with
that warm panic

she falls
and shatters

like snow

Saturday, February 4


rainsoaked morning
with the cat
watching me piss
i see your hairs in the sink
and realise
you are falling to pieces
around me

two by two

with my arse
in the


and my hands
on your tits
i fold myself


tonight i am
the origami master
turning the sheets
into an audience
of swans
and giraffes
and cheeky monkeys

when we come
i can hear
their torn applause
behind me


after we have
planted the carpet
with toilet paper roses

we tiptoe naked
to the garden
and burn our menagerie

Tuesday, January 31

watching the swimmer

as she passes
through patches
of light

(her bent arms
each breath)

she slows

as though
the weight of
the sun
is dragging


Monday, January 30

snowball assassins

and john
and pete
and keith

are pissing
in the snow

writing the names
of our true loves

and molly
and laura
and jo

but with fumbling fingers
and shivering hands
(and only half a can of coke
between us at break-time)
we can only manage

and m-o-l
and l-a

except for keith
who stands triumphant
with pen in hand

and while we mock him
for having a girlfriend
with only two letters
in her name

we are secretly jealous
of the exclamation mark
he has added to the end

'i am shouting her name'
he manages to proclaim
before he is cut down
in his prime
by the three evil
snowball assassins
of class 4H

Sunday, January 29

haiku 2006 one

pausing in the snow
a robin, fresh from murder,
looks me in the eye

Saturday, January 28


my arms around your neck
your legs around my waist

we are knot in love