Tuesday, January 31

watching the swimmer

as she passes
through patches
of light

(her bent arms
each breath)

she slows

as though
the weight of
the sun
is dragging



Blogger LC Greenwood said...

I love this.

5:48 PM

Blogger aardvark said...

Thank you. Sometimes I think this poem works, somewhat haiuki-ish in effect, and other times I think it is lightweight. After your kind comment I shall default to the former from now on.

9:07 AM

Anonymous poppy said...

I never had thought that such an imperceptible moment could be captured in so magic way. It is lightweight but in the most ethereal and blissful of senses. Like that momentarily opening to the miracle when you touch for a second a wing of butterfy. So light, so total suddently, so unthinkable.

11:36 PM


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